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What are Some Extra Touches I Can Do to Help Sell My House in the Fall?


There are some easy things you can do to make your home more inviting and raise that “homey” sense buyers want.

Cozy Smell

To ensure your home evokes that “homey” fall charm, have freshly baked cookies and pumpkin or apple cider candles lit around the house during showings.

Tidy Yard

Have piles of leaves around the yard? Rake them up! But do leave a few lying around as they may actually make your house look nice because they add color!

Ensure that your entry and walkways are free and clear to secure buyers’ safety.

Seasonal Decorations

Fall-themed decorations are not only gorgeous but they give your house an appealing and warm “harvest” feel. Place a seasonal wreath on the front door together with pumpkins or pots to usher buyers into a cozy home. It won’t hurt to add just enough fall décor inside the home as well for a consistent feel throughout.


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